Monday, September 10, 2012

Yn Ysgrif am Y Geltiaid...(Writing about the Celts)

I am a Celtic scholar by nature, and so I will post many Celtic related things on here with my author related posts. They may concern new found studies and finds in the field, or simply wondrous artifacts or archaeological sites, whichever it is, it will be something fascinating for sure. My academic specialty (and Masters) is in Arthurian Studies (Astudiaethau Arthuriadd) and I have been studying the entire field since the mid-to-late 80's. Obviously my adventure modules (and Codex book) with Troll Lord Games is from a Brythonic (British Celtic) perspective, introducing some traces of the lore and myths from Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and Cumbria, and this is only the beginning. I also have a trilogy of novels planned to be released, once they are properly finished that take place in the early 6th century Britain and the Otherworld of Tir Hud.

In the works, but likely down the line from now, are several of my studies in the field. I will get them published in Celtic academic journals once they are completed and post that info here when the time comes. Do not let my Celticity be a language/cultural barrier though, I will make sure that it is user friendly (or in English with translations where needed). My specialty within the field of Celtic Studies is in: the Gauls, Britons, myths (faery-lore, gods and druidism), warfare, Arthuriana and their pre-Christian religion.

Muer rasough why oll! (Thank you all)

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