Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Codex Nordica Shall Be In Your Hands Come This Month (and Beyond)!

2014 - The Summer of Changes!

This summer brings new surprises to my career as an author and writer/designer. I have a newer image, both on the professional level and the personal one that I will project, along with my many publications, past and present. Also, I am pushing a different mode of work compared to my recent past wherein I primarily wrote and published only Steampunk Horror/Weird West genres, now I am focusing on what I know and do best - Celtic and fantasy fiction.

The last thirty years of my life were spent learning, studying and honing the craft of storytelling, and it for some of it, this was easy and natural, but putting it into written form however was not. Only recently has it been overcome, and now that it has, I can unleash the plethora of tales that fill my head into publishable stories. Once my 'Island of the Mighty' series is far enough along I will branch out into some other areas of fantasy, possibly even Sword & Sorcery (Hyborean even - think of 'Conan') style and see where that goes. It was my dream to write this going back to the early 80's when I first read Robert E. Howard. Only now am I acquiring a mote of his skill I believe. It just takes hard and constant work.

I DO have some Eldritch/Lovecraftian horror in mind around the corner however and it will fill the pages of my tales very soon. I won't ignore that part of my literary heritage or origins. First, I need to get those dragons, woad-painted Celtic armies, bands of wild faeries and Saxon hordes out of my system before I move onto non-Euclidean horrors. There will be time for that soon. My early experimental days of writing are over I believe, to learn and discover the mechanics and techniques of writing and what I am best at, that phase is done! Now it is the phase where I intend to shine as a true author in the finest sense of the word.