Monday, March 24, 2014

Codex Nordica, The Sullen Queen, Within a Dark Mountain and MORE!

I have been furiously writing as any writer/author should lately, even in the midst of my intense dental work schedule and other mundane world matters that intrude into my own plans. In the recent last few months I have written over 250,000+ words in content, all of which are being published in the next few months. I wrote so much that my laptop of barely two years suffered and perished in the process and had to be replaced, this is not an exaggeration or lie! Most are through Troll Lord Games and the rest in my new upcoming Celtic adventure novel series being introduced this summer. If you know anything about how my Codex Nordica Kickstarter went, it was a COMPLETE success bringing in at nearly 400% of what we needed and asked and this meant producing more content for the core Codex book, and write two adventure modules for it. I wrote 'Skallagrimr's Revenge' and 'Odin's Fury', the first two in the 13 part series planned that will be a linear campaign involving the Nine Worlds from Norse mythology. Using the Codex Nordica, the extra Kickstarter goodies it came with and the modules, the Castle Keeper can run an epic campaign unheard of in this genre. This is guaranteed!

In case you are wondering, the Codex Nordica has rolled off of the printers this week and will be going to the covers and binders and then be shipped out by early to mid-April! So be prepared for the Norse fun. I wrote this Codex in November of 2012 alongside its brother Codex, the Codex Germania, which is next in line later to be released. Also soon to be released is my next Celtic adventure module, the sequel to my award winning 'To King a King', the 'A Shattered Night'. It picks up right after the events in the last, even though it skips a beat to the Halloween module (Night of the Spirits) which will be released this October,and then resumes its place. 

In April, possibly late in the month I will publish and unveil my first Celtic adventure novel in my new series, the first book being called 'The Sullen Queen.' I wrote this in the Fall of 2013 and spent the last six months editing and revising it until it is now ready for release. It just lacks a cover, and that is being worked on top secret! This series is labeled the 'Island of the Mighty Saga' and chronicles the early years of the mythical-historical Prince Rhun ap Maelgwn of Gwynedd on his rise to power in the 6th century. His many wild adventures in turbulent Britain during the Saxon invasions, Irish and Pictish raids and threats from the Otherworld, and the endless problems from his own peoples the Britons. To seal the deal, and because I believe in this project so much I am also releasing the second novel in the series barely a month afterwards! Part two, 'Within a Dark Mountain', continues his adventures and adds a new character to his story as well as prepares the saga for the epic events soon to come in the third installment 'A Perilous Pursuit'.  Of course I have spent most of my life researching this topic and have a Masters in Arthurian Studies, so I have a chance to dive in and go wild finally as an author in these tales. Before I never felt 'right' about doing it, as though my mountain of data was too much to reduce down to a novel, but I have found a way to translate it I believe.

My Beta Readers have said that it is better than Tolkien and hard to put down, so that is encouraging words to hear for sure! My style is somewhere between Tolkien and Lloyd Alexander for reference and at the same time something entirely different. The best way to know is to get a copy when the time comes and see for yourself! They will be available in print and in all eBook formats on soon. Once they are I will post links, etc on here for all. 

My third Steampunk Horror novel, 'The Axis of Shadows' will FINALLY see publication from Damnation Books soon as well, possibly by May! I will have it proofed and sent to them very soon and then that will nearly conclude the series with one more story left in the works at 25% completed. Eventually I will complete this fourth novel and see it's end and then if the fan-base exists I will continue it, if not, I will move on gracefully and pursue my many other projects. It is the only way an artist can evolve is to adapt and not to linger and remain on old projects, or they will go stagnant. I DO have other terrifying horror projects, better ones, around the corner that will see the light someday...