Monday, April 7, 2014

The Island of the Mighty Saga is About To Be Unleashed after 15 Centuries in Slumber!

In less than a month I will unveil and publish the long awaited 'The Sullen Queen'. I wrote this novel last year and Fall and it went through about three drafts and many, many edits and several Beta Readers before it finally reached the point it is at now. I believe fully in this novel and the series that will follow it. This will be a very ambitious project, one that dwarfs my others by far and the efforts behind it will show this as well. The true test will be once it is in the hands of the readers...and that time will come very soon, on the verge of May Day I believe! Nos Calan Mai in the Brythonic calender appropriately.

Book two, 'Within a Dark Mountain' will follow in its wake boldly and savagely as well as I introduce this series to all by this summer with two novels. You will be able to have the first two adventure tales of Prince Rhun ap Maelgwn in a short time to get you acclimated to heroic 6th century Prydain, and with this second book I introduce a new character to join him that I feel will be embraced and loved as much as the Prince. I just wanted to alert everyone that great and epic things are around the corner and they are fast arriving. 

I am already fast on the early and first draft of the third tale in the series 'A Perilous Pursuit' and it is rolling smoothly! The iron in the forge is smoldering and I must strike whilst it is hot. In these tales I plan to return to the old days of classic story-telling with fun, action packed stories, original and complex characters, dynamic plots and wonderful settings. The Beta Readers are eager for more and I am writing them as quick as I can! Book three, ideally, should be ready by late summer or early fall if everything goes to plan. I do not want to slow on my production and skill as an author.

Book four, 'Lord of Giants' will be next in line, and it is a doozy...