Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Module #4 'To Kill a King's cover is done!

This adventure module is influenced from one of my countless favorite Rainbow songs 'Kill the King' and I had always wanted to design a story around it from a Dark-Age Mythic Celtic perspective...and here it is! This module should be ready for publication very soon, around the time of the Codex Celtarum (in addition to its own exclusive adventure 'A Sylvan Gambit'), providing two more new adventures in a month! I hope you like it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Codex Celtarum Figs on the Horizon!

A new project, related to the Codex Celtarum, is in its early stages of being sorted out this week. It is an old idea of mine, going back as far as the design and play-test history of the 'Tir nAille' setting and involves gaming figs. I have contacted a really good fig company out of Kentucky that will help me make this possible soon. The initial plan is to make figs for a Celtic/Faery adventuring party with many variations, of many races (Pixies, Tree/Fair elves, etc), and as the stretch goals get higher add another set. My plan or vision is this: 

Level 1 - Adventuring Party #1
Level 2 - Adventuring Party #2
Level 3 - Baddies
Level 4 - Lords of Faery (Collector's Edition)
Level 5 - Gods of the Otherworld (Collector's Edition)

This will be set up in a few weeks' time and then placed onto Kickstarter to give it exactly what is desired, a kickstart. We will do resin figs with a higher goal of releasing metal ones, with some exclusive figs (to go with the collector's editions of the Codex Celtarum). Soon we will have some really unique gaming figs to go along with the Codex and adventure modules as a set! Once I have everything squared away and sorted out, I will post it here with links. Each fig set will have 5 figs in them (or more depending), but using the stretch goals, the gamer can have all 25 if they are all met.