Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Codex Germania is Completed!

Just on the verge on the production of the first, the Codex Druidum, the Germanic counterpart is now done! It was Steve's old dream in 2002 to see this book and a series in print that were historical and mythical in origin as supportive materials for Game Masters but the project fell to pieces as the Codex Germania's original author (a well known RPG author with TSR - Robert J. Kuntz) stopped writing on it and the whole project stopped in its tracks. This book was initially the beginning to the series and it sat forgotten and gathering mold for a decade...until now.

Separately, in my own two decades of play-testing my Celtic Otherworld setting and rules I had thought about and longed for adding a Germanic element to it, but only was able to get a few scattered rules written but never officially tested. ALL of those early ideas of mine went into this Codex and they fit smoothly. Gamers are going to be able to play Saxon warriors, Viking raiders or anything else from that tradition now. My academic specialty is in the Celts, specifically the Celtic Britons and the 'Arthurian' age following Rome's departure and fall, and you could say a minor to my studies is on the Anglo-Saxons with some side dabbling on the Goths and Norse peoples. This Codex isn't written by someone who doesn't know the culture or topic but someone who taught history, has a degree in the field, and has always loved it.

Once these first two Codices are out, Game Masters can incorporate Celtic and Germanic magic, ideas, etc into their campaigns, merge the two, and have hours of fun. My next Codex in mind is the Codex Classicus covering the Greeks, Ertruscans and Romans. The only odd one out from this series is my Celtic one. It doesn't focus on the Continental Celts only the Insular groups, and is centered around my Otherworld aspect more than the historical. The emphasis on the other Codices is a balance with mythical and historical unlike the Celtic. I could almost make a separate one called Codex Celtica that is JUST the Celtic peoples as a whole AND their many strands of myths, etc. It wouldn't be that difficult.

So I have the honor to not just bring back to life an old moribund project of Troll Lord Games, but to do so in the footsteps of Gary Gygax and Robert Kuntz. Between my modules (which are highly rated as they are put out one by one) and Codices, the gaming world will be given some new and original works that will change the way people play for a long time to come, and that makes me extremely proud to know.

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