Friday, September 14, 2012

Modules, Codices and More to Come...

With the release of my first module in the series, 'The Goblins of Mount Shadow' and now the follow-up 'The Crimson Pact', there is more to come! Part three, 'The Giant's Wrath' is now with the editor and the interior/exterior art is being composed, I will get the maps to them before it enters production too. But this is by no means a lull in things! Module four, 'To Kill a King' is already in the Troll Lords' hands AND the Codex Druidum.

Codex Germania is about 70% completed now and after the next few weeks it will be done and the first draft out of the way. The Codices will provide a myriad of powers, character classes and races taken from Celtic and Germanic culture and myth into a gaming environment, these are done in a way that no gamer is used to seeing. I can guarantee that these books will inspire the feelings of the old days with excitement and new ideas and the beginning to many years of brilliant gaming to follow. I am used to running my campaigns with a real-world link, never pure fantasy, but absolute connections to our own world in some way. These Codices show some of that, especially the Codex Druidum since it took me 20 years to play-test, design and conceive it all.

I am about to write the fifth module in my first series called 'Goblin Night', an adventure involving the original Celtic Halloween, but in the north of Britain by Hadrian's Wall. It will be a chance to involve the original traditions of the holiday and place rules on them (costumes, lighted lanterns, etc) and have a complex and scary game too. I won't give away any secrets about its story or gist though...

Aside from these modules and Codices more is proposed that will expand the gaming frontiers in new directions, always epic and original. I have at least 15-20 more things in mind that might be happening once this first flood of goodies is done.There are about 10-11 adventures planned in the Celtic series, so we are not even at the halfway point yet! And don't worry, I have just as strong, if not better adventures along the way that will make the first few seem like teasers. They will get tougher as they go, meant for higher level characters and larger parties.

One of my hopeful plans is to write and publish a two part, 40 adventure, Arthurian/Otherworld mega-campaign that I designed and ran a few years ago. This is the culmination of what is in the two Codices and the modules and puts them to the test and allows gamers to really explore them. I wove the fragmented post-Roman Brythonic tales and adventures of the Arthur and his warriors into the adventures that the player characters take part in (i.e, Twrch Trwyth, Plunder of Annwn, Battle of Badon, etc). There would be nothing quite like it out there in gaming, I can assure you that 1000%! Being an Arthurian Scholar & Gamer has its advantages!

Once the 'barbarian' phase of my game design is over (for a time) I do have other projects that are just as fun and unexpected. But for now, strap on your sword, don your shield, pin on your cloak and quest against gods, monsters and impossible odds in Faery or one of the Nine Worlds of Germanic paganism. After all, the fundamental sources to what we gamers hold dear and as a part of the hobby derives from the ancient Celtic and Germanic sagas and stories, it is only right that we return there again.

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