Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Codex Druidum Has Gone to Editing!

My OLD gaming project is officially entering into the next phase towards true publication after 22+ years! The 'Otherworld' or 'Tir nAille' game designing work of mine is now at the editor and the cover art is beginning to turn into something real. The interior art is being made as well on this and the maps are already prepped and ready to go.

It is becoming real!

Gamers are excited and the word is spread, online and at GenCon, and the interest is building. And I think rightfully so since it introduces an entire new plethora of Faery powers, races and concepts to gaming never ever had before, and this is guaranteed. They have all been carefully thought out, play-tested and have their loyal advocates. My gamers who have all been involved in the play-testing since 1991 on have all endless memories and stories to tell about it all. They are as dear and personal as those with mundane life events and experiences.

It will take a few weeks or so before the editing is at a point and I do the final edits and changes, but by then it should be close to Halloween, and that is appropriate since it is a Celtic holiday. The timing is right!

With plenty of supporting modules and the upcoming novels, there will be a new revolution in gaming and all things Celtic, it might be a meek one or a grand one. Either way, it will be a revolution of my doing.

On a related note, the third module of mine, 'The Giant's Wrath' is now fully edited, the maps are done and the only thing that is left is the cover art! So it should be done very soon! Be ready for the updates.

It is a good time to be a gamer!

A gamer album, that at the time it came out I didn't like because it wasn't like my favorite band Rainbow. The guitar style was simple compared to Blackmore's and the theme was darker and less fantasy themed or medieval except for a few songs. Now I love this album, nearly as much as the Dio era Rainbow albums. Play this to capture the feel of late 70's/early 80's gaming stuff at the time...I do. Neon Nights is THE song about gaming, I will post about it at some point for you.

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