Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Vampire's Code

Book two in my Silent War series is entering the early stages of editing now. With the cover already done, all that is left is the interior work before its December 1st release. The third story in the series, 'The Axis of Shadows' is already in the publisher's hands and will be waiting for a spring release, and by the end of this year the fourth installment, 'Atlantica' will be done and in their hands. Damnation Books is the official publishers of my Steampunk Horror series. There are projected in my series about 8 to 12 books total AND possible role-playing gaming related books (since these stories were originally my campaigns since 2008 on).

Now the wait for when this series will catch on with readers and people will begin to see the vision I had in mind when I first imagined it all four years ago...

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