Sunday, September 9, 2012

My First Blog...officially. it important?

   Studying the author scene I have seen time and time again the stress on having a blog. It is the place where readers and fans can go to become 'more personal' with their favorite writer through their musings, rants and other posts. Simple enough. Ironically, since I write nearly everyday and everything that I produce is going to publication, I have little time to blog.

But I will make the time, to catch a breather between projects, and catch people up on what is going on in my many novels, conventions and publications. This blog site will take time to improve upon and evolve, but I will make a vow that my posts will not be small fleeting paragraphs barely worth the effort of reading. They will be substantial in size and with content, even if they are explaining the game mechanics behind a current project for Troll Lord Games or the microcosmic details to something in my stories.

For every 100,000 words I am writing, there are about 10,000 times that in my head coursing in the background making them happen. Sadly there is no way I can capture them all and place them here as I would like. But I will give some of the many reasons and factors of 'why' and 'when' these come into being. People may never join in and even read my blogs, and I will never know for a long time, but if they do I hope they interact and give me their comments and views.

Questions concerning the upcoming Codices (Druidum and Germania) will be addressed on the forthcoming Troll Lord Games amalgamated website. They are building a site that will join all of their sites, blogs, etc together and then I can answer those questions personally when they are sent my way. It is still in the works and will be ready soon I hear, and that will be great.

Questions concerning my novels and many series however can be sent here or on my author's Facebook page at and I will address them as they come. My Steampunk Horror series, which is now about to release the second book, 'The Vampire's Code' on December 1st, and my Weird West tales about Cage O'Brien, will be some of my main posts here since those are my current, ever-changing and contemporary projects.

Add me if you like, and take part in this journey with me as we see where my many projects go in the future. One never knows where your writings can carry you, the destination is dark and unknown. If you manage to get published, it starts a whole new world of possibilities and twists and turns, and it might fail and remain unknown among other authors and readers, or it could become a major hit. You just don't know where it will lead...

(My plan is to post every Sunday at some point with occasional updates along the way in the week!)

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