Monday, October 1, 2012

'The Giant's Wrath' Module #3's Cover is Done.

'The Giant's Wrath' Module Cover is done! Be ready for this adventure soon! I will post up the ad copy once I get it.


  1. I'm pretty interested in your Druidic and Germanic sourcebooks. Something that James Raggi does that I appreciate is that me makes posts to collate reviews for each publication and keeps links to those posts on a side bar.

  2. Thanks a lot! Most of this is a life's work and a celebration of those traditions and how they made gaming possible through their tales, quests and myths. Please peruse whatever you need here! I post updates often on the progress of it all, etc.

    Let me know where they are linked and the reviews themselves, when they are made, and I will re-post them here for everyone too!