Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Codex Celtarum is the official name now!

Because the initial name 'Codex Druidum' seemed limited to many and appeared to appeal only to the druid character class in the game, the title has been changed to recognize the fact that the Celtic codex is covering all classes and a few additional in reality. There are about forty extra high level druidic spells AND the option to turn all of the Faery abilities in the book into a spell list of its own (I call the 'Faery' spell list, that is both and neither arcane nor divine). Faery magic is now a reality with these rules, and can be natural born and inherited abilities or able to be summoned by a sorcerer or druid.

Battle and the Celtic logic and system of it are detailed as well, with the many fighting orders from myth and history (Red Branch, Arthur's Dragons, and the Gaesati for example). Head-hunting and using woad painting rules are given, and a list of twenty combat Adjuncts or 'cleasi' (feats). There is so much in this codex that it will be nearly 200 pages in size!  

'Codex Celtarum' means 'Codex of the Celts' and covers more of the mythical Otherworld than the whole of Celtic Europe during the height of their domination of the continent and isles. What is emphasized in the 'real world' however is the Post-Roman era isles of Britain, Ireland, Brittany and those in between during the 5th to 6th centuries on. This is the culture from which the greater part of our understanding of Celtic tales derive since the Gauls, Galatians and other Continental European groups were lost to the past. 

Additional supplemental materials will be written to fill in the missing gaps of info (Ogham, Holidays, society, etc), and possibly the addition of many of the Gallic deities. The Dusii are included in the Codex and form a major part of the Otherworld mythology. Who they are derives from Gaulish paganism, and had survived in belief a thousand years after the Celtic Gauls were no longer extant in what turned into France, Belgium, Northern Italy and Switzerland. I conflated them with the mysterious Horned God Cernunnos and took some Celtic idiom and logic to a sensible place. 

Next in line will be the Codex Germania and Codex Nordica after this first of many codices. I am extremely excited to be chosen in writing these many books detailing the myths and legends with touches of history for gaming. Steve, the Head Troll, has assured me he wants it released by late November! So be ready to dive into the Celtic Otherworld and experience all new ideas and options never had before, I can guarantee you! 

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