Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Giant's Wrath is About to be Ready Soon.

My third module in the Celtic Britain fantasy series, 'The Giant's Wrath' is now about 98% ready to be put together for release very soon this month and that is exciting. The story is very good, better than even the first two in the series by far, and that is just warming things up.

The fourth module, 'To Kill a King' is next in line to go, and it is an epic situation revolving around assassinating a king and what happens if the deed is done, or if it is not. A complex ensemble of NPCs is in the cast of characters and an array of options if things go wrong (or right). The GM will need to be at their best in running this module, and the players will be out of breath and wits by its end - if they are still alive.

Currently I am mid-way through writing on the fifth module, 'Spirit Night' involving Halloween, the Wild Hunt, a Dark Druid, Pictish warriors and a complex plot centering around strange abductions in several villages near the sacred and haunted forest of Coed Celyddon in the North of Britain by Hadrian's Wall. The critics have spoken and say they want more role-playing and not roll-playing in these kind of modules, and so I am giving them that, and maybe will have a classic module or two when it is all said and done.

I have outlined the next two modules in line and they are all very unique and still consistent in their feel and atmosphere. Once I get the ad copy for 'The Giant's Wrath' I will post it on here as with the rest, good gaming!

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