Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Update On Projects - Published/Forthcoming

This is just a reminder of what is to come in the next six months, plus what has been published. Dates on the forthcoming books are not certain yet, but will be given once I know them, only a few with Damnation Books have dates. 

My current published books are:

'Lyver-Lywans Bukkyas Keltek' (Spyrys a Gernow - 1999)
'De Civitate Sanguino' (Xlibris Fall 2009/March 1st Damnation Books 2012)
'The Witch of Round Mountain' (Damnation Books -September 1st 2012)
'The Goblins of Mount Shadow' (Troll Lord Games - August 1st)
'The Crimson Pact' (Troll Lord Games - September 24th 2012)


'The Giant's Wrath' (Troll Lord Games - October/November 2012)
'The Vampire's Code' (Damnation Books - Dec. 1st 2012)
'Codex Celtarum' (Troll Lord Games - Late November 2012)
'The Axis of Shadows' (Damnation Books - March 1st 2013)
'Bring Me the Head of the Preacher Man (Damnation Books - March 1st 2012)
'Codex Germania' (Troll Lord Games - Winter/Spring 2013)
'To Kill a King' (Troll Lord Games - November 2012)
'Codex Nordica' (Troll Lord Games - Winter 2012/13)
'Night of the Spirits' (Troll Lord Games - Winter 2012)
'The Girl with the Rainbow Eyes' (Publisher Pending - 2013)

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