Friday, October 5, 2012

Octopodicon is this Weekend in OKC! Be There!

This weekend is the first Octopodicon, a Steampunk themed convention and I will be there! With my novels on hand and able to sign them and the Troll Lord Games adventure modules too. Peter Bradley will be there, his booth in the art room with prints and Castles & Crusades books on hand. So between us you can purchase either my novels (from me directly) or my recently published adventure modules ('Goblins of Mount Shadow' and 'The Crimson Pact') from Peter.

My schedule for this weekend is thus: (When I am not at a panel I am at my booth, however if I am not at my booth either Mr. Grimly (from my Horror show) or Candice will be in my place)

FRIDAY 10/5/12
  • 2 PM - Panel 'Steampunk & Its Relation to History' (Kipling Room)
  • 4 PM - Panel 'Activating Your Inner Steampunk' (Kipling Room)/Reading & Signing (Scriptorium Room)
  • 5 PM - Panel 'Steampunk What-Ifs' (Tesla Room)
  • 8 PM - Pods Meeting, I am in charge of the Cephalopod. (This is to organize the plans for the weekend for the members of my Pod. They will have assignments and panels they must attend to earn credits for their honorary Steampunk degrees by Sunday) Laborotorium
SATURDAY 10/6/12
  • 12 Noon - Panel 'Lost Continents, New Worlds' (Tesla Room)
  • 2 PM - Panel 'Unhistory' (Luminere Room)
  • 4 PM - Panel 'Steam Holmes' (Tesla Room)
  • 5 PM - Panel 'Steam Cthulhu (Kipling Room)
SUNDAY 10/7/12

     Schedule is free and I will be at my booth all day non-stop! Come by please and say hi! I will be available to talk about my upcoming books, modules and Codices if asked. The info for Octopodicon that you need is here at

This will be a fun weekend of cogs, top-hats, steam, mad science, music, art and so much more! The arts are alive again and you can be a part, just show up in garb or not, and join the Victorian-esque fun. My booth will be in the Visiting Professors' section, just look for my displays of my two present books and the forthcoming Steampunk Horror novel in December. I will have stacks of books on hand, bookmarks and more! Please join us!

Read this article from OKC news about the con!


  1. Sadly Oklahoma City is touch too far for this Brit to travel. Shame though. I find myself revisiting Steampunk after break. I spent many years full on into the RPG and literature aspects of the genre and needed to take some time time off it and rediscover some other great things. Now, with a game design coming together for a Steampunk exploration based card game, and Mark Hodder's second novel on the go, I find myself looking for more and more Steampunky goodness. i'll have to see if your books are available over here.

  2. My books are available there although I am not sure through which distributors exactly, Damnation Books has the info on their site. I have ran a series of campaigns that, together, became the books I am publishing now. Ultimately, my setting should be made into a playable game world soon with Troll Lord Games as a supplement to the new Amazing Adventures game.

    Too bad you cant make it this weekend! But it is tad bit far away...