Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Module # 8 Is Completed!

Adventure module #8, 'The Idle Wizard' is now written and it takes things to an even more epic level than before...yes, it is possible! This adventure involves a war against the dreaded 'Host of Annwn' and its feared King Arawn. Unlike the previous adventures, this one incorporates the mass combat system 'Fields of Battle' in it, or can be plugged into another such system of the GM's choosing. I also include a quick chart to determine the results of the epic battle at the end as well for those GMs who want to keep it quick, rules-light, and simple.

The next module, "A Dark Burden: The Tale of the Doom Child" is being laid out so that I can get to work on it soon! These adventures are complementary with my Codex Celtarum, using the same setting, rules, etc found inside the 178 page book! Things are only getting better and my Awen, or inspiration is stronger than before!

Game on!

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