Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Will Begin the 'Codex Slavicorum' Next...So Be Ready!

My 'Awen' (Inspiration) is propelling me to continue on writing the next Codex in the series even though I want to finish my fourth Steampunk Horror novel, it is weird how creative energies work though. Since I am on a roll and these are becoming a deeper interest of mine than they already were, I will start on the fourth Codex, the 'Codex Slavicorum' - putting the many myths and tales of the Pre-Christian Slavic world into gaming terms for all. If you have this ancestry it will be a chance to place it into a game now and then some!

I have it set up and laid out ready to go now, slowly I am revving up to begin on this next Codex and it will be fun!

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