Monday, May 6, 2013

FreeRPGDay and my adventure module for it! Here it is!

This will be available on June 15th 2013 from all game-shops that are participating in this fun event around the country. This adventure is based from the very first one that I devised (with some obvious improvements and extras) on my own when I first GMed in 1984 with MERP. I took that basic story and kept faithful to it yet made more depth and a back-story where I never had before. I wrote it to be a fun, slightly scary adventure that can be ran for tournaments at conventions, etc.

I also have an adventure for the recent ReapCon last month called 'Dwarven Glory II: The Reaping' that I will soon show here with cover and info on how to obtain. It is the sequel to the infamous 'Dwarven Glory I' and takes place in the world of Airhde with a return to the deep levels under Aufstrag where Unklar the Unclean once dwelt.

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