Saturday, May 25, 2013

Codex Germanorum is Now Absolutely Finished!

I know for months we have been saying that the German and Viking codices were 'finished', they were in a manner of saying. After many months I spent time fine tuning them, specifically the German Codex because it was the unfinished book by former TSR Game Designer Robert Kuntz going back to 2002. In the wake of the publication of my own old project that became the 'Codex Celtarum', now every book that follows in the series must be as good or better since it is a hard success to top if the books were to be sub-standard - and these are not! They are amazing!

I do not know when production starts on the next Codex but be ready for the news, it will be shake the many worlds when it is time and it can stand beside the Codex Celtarum in the gaming shelf proudly. There is so much useful stuff packed into these codices that gamers will have to take time figuring out what to do first! Keep in mind that this German Codex is purely my own creation and composition and not derived from Kuntz's own early drafts, I do not think they still exist after all of these years really. Steve couldn't find them in his archives. In this you can emulate Beowulf, Siegfried and other classic Germanic heroes and tales at the table.

Next it will either be the Classical (Greek/Etruscan/Roman) Codex or the Slavic, I am not sure yet, but whichever it will be mythic and epic and ready to be added to your collection and gaming soon...

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