Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adventure Modules!

For those of you who are gamers and also collect, here is my list of adventure modules produced so far (in italics) and projected titles for future adventures in my Celtic fantasy series:

1. Goblins of Mount Shadow
2. The Crimson Pact
3. The Giant's Wrath
4. A Sylvan Gambit
5. To Kill a King
6. Goblin Night
7. A Shattered Night
8. The Idle Wizard
9. Dark Burden: Tale of the Doom Child
10. The Torc of Serpents
11. Revenge of Arawn
12. Witches of the Phantom Queen
13. The Accursed Kingdom

(These are additional modules for separate sources)
A Pot of Broken Bones & Halflng Broth
Dwarven Glory II: The Reaping

I also have a mega 40 adventure (two campaign book set) idea of an Arthurian series that is proposed. It introduces everything in the Codex Celtarum even more than the module series listed above. Book one culminates in the Battle of Badon Hill, and the second finishes with the Battle of Camlan. There would be no other set of adventures out there that would even come close to this if published. There is more gaming here than most are used to....

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