Saturday, December 29, 2012

Officially Today I Am Working On a New Novel

With lots of writing irons in the fire of my creative forge I officially began my newest Celtic YA adventure novel, the first in the series. Originally it was meant to be an epic sized novel (roughly 600 pages) but I will keep it modest and see how well it goes. It involves the Otherworld of Faery and the many denizens you will be able to play and include in your games as found in my upcoming Codex Celtarum and the adventure modules in my series, even the main character's 'class' is in the Codex and able to be made by players that want a wood-wise, sylvan loner that is speedy, acrobatic and as wild as the beasts that dwell there. 

Yes, my novel is based around a character that is very unique. Without giving away any spoilers or my secret ideas before its time, I will say that this character is a sort of 'Celtic Tarzan' in a way, but so much more. It will be a high adrenaline ride on the shoulders of this protagonist in his adventures beyond the safety and comfort of his forest peoples' home deep in the Perpetual Forests of Faery (you will have these locations available in the Codex!) and a mind twist of a story from the prologue on as you begin to piece together the emerging tale that will be very different but sticks to ancient Celtic ideas handled in a new fresh way of approach and writing.

Depending on the response these novels get, I may write them as a series with many books planned, as the reader can explore the Celtic Otherworld and our own from the character's unusual position in the story. This series is meant to be represented by an agency, there is no other way I will handle this when it is done. In the first book I will introduce so many ancient Celtic concepts but on a level that the YA crowd can understand and incorporate in their knowledge about our ancestors and relatives today and the culture that they once occupied in the distant past. 

I will give just one hint, a teaser, about this novel for anyone interested before I end this post - the main character is so swift on his feet in the forest that he can walk and run on top of leaves and greenery and leave no trace as he goes. He is a part of the forest in every way, but he himself is not one of the faeries, a true wildman of the woods but not a warrior or magician, only a speedy fleet-footed sylvan inhabitant, a Leaf Treader. When it is completed I hope everyone finds something new in it and it inspires them to take the Codex and game all new ideas.   

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