Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Vampire's Code - Released Today!

Get your copy of the 'Vampire's Code' today from Damnation Books in digital format for a rare low price! The first few copies are free on download, and eventually the ebook's maximum price will be reached after so many are downloaded today. This deal ends by midnight tonight!

A Dark Presence Hangs over Europe.

John Malcolm and Lieutenant Ledbetter, after six months of training are now part of the Shadow Society of Vampire Hunters. They must undergo their first missions in Europe amidst the Prussian War and uncover Earth-shaking conspiracies and awful technologies that will threaten mankind. With new agents in their team, they must find out the meaning behind the Vampire’s Code and the Ares Dispatch that’s circulating in Europe. What they find is more disturbing than what they experienced in Indian Territory and they can’t go back.

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