Monday, December 10, 2012

My Weird West meets Weird Tales Soon.

Because of my long influences deriving from Robert E Howard and H.P Lovecraft and the fact that my first Weird West Mythos novel is being released this Spring with Damnation Books, I always wanted to take that side of my background somewhere, and possibly become a Pulp writer like my influences. To write for a prestige magazine like Weird Tales would be a dream. I assumed that the magazine, and those like it died out  not long after the Pulp Era but I was wrong. 

Friending one of the New Pulp authors, Joe Bonadonna, was a blessing. Not only is he producing this style of literature, but he is also doing it with Weird Tales. This is the magazine that got Robert E Howard, H. P. Lovecraft and many, many others their start and fame. Joe has been writing some very Pulpy stuff lately and doing so with reputable publishers. After an inspiring discussion about Tolkien, REH and Weird Tales, he fired me up, gave me the link and let me go on my way. 

I had wanted to write serials, like Howard did, about my character Cage O'Brien in the Weird West against the Eldritch forces of the universe while trying to run from the Law and maintain a life of his own, as I introduce in my 'Bring Me the Head of the Preacher Man' this spring. In the 20's Howard and Lovecraft made a living just writing for these magazines, it wasn't always the best income at time during the Depression, but it was a means to live. I have dozens of stories in my mind that fit the same writing style as my novel and Howard's own unique style, these tales need to get written and read. Most Small Press publishers do not happily publish collections of stories often, and I don't know if my publisher would if I introduced them to them. 

So...Weird Tales it is! I will complete several novella sized adventures of Cage against the Elder Ones and their minions and see what happens once submissions are open again. If you think my novel of this stuff is weird (once it is published this March and you read it), just wait until you see the serials I have in mind. Stories so weird and hard to define that they could only be accepted by Pulp publishers in this day and age. Monsters, obscene magic, scantily clad damsels, six-shooter toting outlaws wearing Elder Signs, and more will be in this set of tales. I weave the many common Western themes into a mix of Mythos and high action to create something new and...weird!  

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