Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gaming, Gaming and More Gaming!

Module # 6, 'A Shattered Night', a homage to one of my favorite medieval metal songs ('16th Century Greensleeves' from 'Blackmore's Rainbow') is now completed and sent to the Troll Lords. Just as swiftly I am now working on module # 7, 'The Idle Wizard', an adventure which calls to mind the many legendary 'plagues' that fell upon Celtic Britain from the myths and stars the mythical Wizard-King Idris Gawr from the realm of Meirionydd. What happens after this module I am not certain, if there are more in this series or not is up to the Head Troll, but if so, I am ready and able to write more original and unique adventures in a Celtic fantasy milieu.

The 'Codex Germanorum' is about 50% completed now and will be done soon, to fall into place right after the Celtic and Nordic codices in the next few months. It will interest gamers that next in line will be a codex that covers each Slavic, Native American, Classical and Japanese myths and cultures separately  These will be written down the line, and will take a while, but well worth the wait! 

In addition to this I am also writing and contributing to Flying Buffalo Inc's 'CityBook 8: Magicker's Way'. If you don't know who this company is, or what they are known for in the gaming scene go to for more info, they have been around in the gaming scene since the early 70's. I have several other gaming related contributions with other groups and companies on the horizon soon, but it is too early to mention them yet. Once I get the links for everything I will post them on here for you to see. 

2013 is my year for producing amazing projects and literature without a doubt!

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