Monday, January 7, 2013

Atlantica - Book Four in My Series.

I am aware that my writing schedule seems to be all over the place but I am busy, and with good things, for gaming and literary purposes. Taking a break from my Celtic Fiction projects (two to count), I am now returning to complete this next story in my ongoing series before part three comes out in March. This is my long unfinished fourth book in my Steampunk Horror series called 'Atlantica'. It is filled with intense action, gripping horror and complex conspiracies midst strange technologies and otherworldly plots. This book will conclude the first part of the Silent War series and prepare for the next four in the projected series that might be either 8 or even 12 books in length. 

Books one and two are out now with Damnation Books, these are 'De Civitate Sanguino' and 'The Vampire's Code' with the third part, 'The Axis of Shadows' due out this March! I see these books as the Steampunk equal to the John Carter series by Burroughs meets a little bit of the Death Merchant & Mack Bolan/The Destroyer, with espionage and action in the middle of a dark 19th Century setting hunting vampires or 'Blood & Thunder with Fangs'.

It is a nice and very familiar feeling to be working on the FOURTH novel in my Steampunk Horror action series. As I write them I am evolving them, in style, setting and in my very literary skills to compose them. The first in the series is not the strongest by far but it does get the ball rolling and opened up the gates for the others to follow. It has taken me these many books to see my project for what it is, it isn't a lurid, flowery Victorian drama with flowing gowns, fancy garb and stilted dialogue, but an action packed, gritty set of stories dealing with espionage and horror, with characters filled with personality and human failings. 

They face an old enemy, vampires, which have been generally handled in a very Bram Stocker-like manner by most writers since the time of his novel 'Dracula', but mine have been deconstructed back before the rise of the vampire that everyone takes for granted. It is the Old World meeting the new in these books, not the Victorian World only, or pure Apocalyptic Steampunk (as many are), but something else that ties in the mysteries of the Old (Atlantis, early scientific thought, and the origins of myths) with the new ideas and thinking of the 18th and 19th centuries. 

This fourth book will cement what 'The Vampire's Code' put in place, and hopefully open peoples' eyes to a new angle in this (now) tired genre of 'Steampunk' without the pretentiousness or common quasi-Victorianisms. I do not call these books by the trendy label but instead '19th Century Sci-Fi Horror' since the Victorian English aspect only enters into it in this present work I am doing. There is romance, but it doesn't dominate the stories, only plays a part in the many plots, and the technology is there but it isn't the sole reason to write these stories (as in some).

Give them a try, take your time on them and soak in my style (First Person) to gather where they are heading. Throw away all of your ideas about 'Steampunk' to start anew and do not compare these to the rest of the genre because it is not quite a part of the rest, but something else different...

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