Monday, July 20, 2015

The Kickstarter of Epic Proportions Has Begun!


Between these three books, you will have over 8 to 9 new character classes deriving from these cultures and myths to include in your games and over four hundred (or more) mythical monsters and beings, not including five hundred or more deities, titans and demi-gods. There is so much in these three books it is difficult to even easily define so quickly, and I wrote them!

Having these three will also complete the European Codex set with the 'Codex Celtarum' and 'Codex Nordica', which will be a total of five hardback volumes to use at the table. Once the Kickstarter link is up I will provide it here and all of the information during the month long progress. It will be an exciting time!

The 'Codex Germania' obviously focuses on the Continental Germanic peoples, their histories, myths, monsters and more in one book, and works as a companion to the 'Codex Nordica' since those peoples are culturally akin to each other. There is even a small starter adventure in the back that links this book with the 'Codex Celtarum' and the beginning of the Anglo-Saxon settlement into Celtic, Post-Roman Britain. New character classes include: Rune Master, Dragonslayer, and Haliruna or 'Witch'.

The 'Codex Slavorum' details the Old Slavs as they swept out of the Steppes north of the Black Sea following the end of the Roman Empire in 475 C.E and flooded Eastern Europe and the Byzantine Empire. There are very unique character classes here including the Shaman, Witch/Vampire-Hunter and more. Quite possibly the largest list of mythological beings as well are given in this book. If you ever wanted to play a 'Bogatyr' from Russian legend, it is now possible!

And finally, the 'Codex Classicum' is about Ancient Greek civilization, both Hellenic, Hellenistic, and even including other Mediterranean cultures nearby that were influenced or influencing them: Etruscan and Roman. One of the new character classes is the eerie but real 'Necromancer' of old, that wandered graveyards and battlefields for the dead, and the Gladiator class in its many varieties, and the Explorer/Adventurer, in the style of the first such as Pythias, who traveled from Magna Grecia to the British Isles and even possibly beyond, or Alexander the Great, who conquered the greatest Empire the world had ever seen! These are not the fantasy classes you are used to! Classical myths and civilization are now possible in this book at last....

Around the corner I will be updating my award winning Codex Celtarum and giving it the original vision I intended after two decades of playtesting and design as well. This means completely fleshing out the sections on the Celtic peoples to include the Gauls, Celtiberians, and Galatians, and their histories, myths and adding LOTS of expanded content including Reincarnation and more Faery-folk. If you thought the book was something before...just wait until you see it again! 

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