Thursday, January 8, 2015

Daroganau Fyrddin - Merlin's Prophecies

"And at a certain time, as the narrative shows, it happened that Gwenddydd saw certain rare dreams on various nights. All these she carefully retained in her memory until she should find a place and time to relate them to Myrddin her brother. Against that time Gwenddydd prepared bread and butter on a herb cake of wheaten bread with various drinks in various vessels, every drink in its grade as its nature demanded, as wine in silver, and mead in a horn, and the beer in sycamore, and the milk in a white jug, and the water in an earthen jug. All these she placed in order besides the bread and butter inside the harbour to which Myrddin was wont to come, when he was in his senses, to take his nourishment."

-Ystoria Myrddin Wyllt

The time may soon come to pass that my Master's research or thesis on Geoffrey of Monmouth's dubious 12th century 'Prophetiae Merlini' (or 'Prophecies of Merlin'), thrown into his rather famous 'Historia Regum Brittaniae' ('History of the Kings of (the) Britain(s) will be published after all! I know this was a wordy paragraph...slightly, but I think I may already have a publisher, a Welsh one at that, and rightfully so!

In the next week I will prepare the required proposal and what they need then wait for their word. Once I know for sure I will announce the publisher and give links and fanfare. This is my first serious non-fiction, academic publication, with hopes of many future ones to follow. I have many...

If I enter into the Celtic Studies Doctoral program as well in the next month then I will be aggressively producing more scholarly work for print and publication in time. With the new theories and thinking emerging in my field, it opens up amazing new possibilities not had before, and I hope that I am the only one to find them!

Aside from my half dozen Arthurian Celtic adventure modules, Codex Celtarum, and my 40+ times teaching the subject in nearly a decade at college level, this is next opportunity I get to put my Masters in Arthurian Studies from the University of Wales Lampeter (Prifysgol Cymru Llanbedr-Pont-Steffan) to good use!

Rex quondam, Rexque futurus!


  1. I just tried to post but it disappeared so apologies if this happens to appear twice. I am glad I have found you. I am about to set out on a storywalk from Caerleon to Bardsey Island on the trail of Merlin and the 13 treasures. I suspect Nimue will feature too. I too attended Lampeter - doing an MA in Philosophy (as part of Dr James Robinson's Body Programme) in 2006 but left in 2010 to walk around England for 6 months collecting tales of Transition (Tales of Our Times). I am now after collecting tales ancient and contemporary of the inner journey for my next book. Although I have some Welsh blood I have no Celtic languages and wonder if you could help me - with some pointers about where I should start my search. I have ordered Tolstoy's books but there is no sequel yet, am, wondering if perhaps your studies may have something to offer?

  2. Yes, sorry for the long delay in my reply. I haven't checked my blog in months. I am personally hoping to return to Trinity Saint David for my PhD in Celtic Studies, and have been waiting since Spring, and now all Summer, for a definite answer from Admissions if I can begin since their Intake begins in June. Sadly Tolstoy never published his sequels to the book. He claimed that politics were involved, between England and his Russian relatives, going back to the earlier days of the Uprising against the Romanovs. Personally, I think that Tolstoy doesn't have them ready and creatively wrote himself in a corner or hole, and cannot get himself out. It is a shame because his 'Coming of the King' is a masterful work and a large influence on me. I love his work relating to Myrddin and the Celts since it relates to my own. Have you earned your on MA from Lampeter? My MA from Lampeter in Arthurian Studies was earned in 2007, right before they closed in 2008 due to the London cheating scandal, so I was lucky in timing. Sounds like you started when they reopened in 2010 under the new 'Y Drindod Dewi Sant' name now.