Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Prophecies of Merlin, Mab Y Darogan and Welsh/Brythonic Vaticination.

Along with my fiction and gaming I will publish my serious and heavy academic work too!

I have decided to clean it up a little and publish it as a book, preferably through an academic publisher, my Master's dissertation 'Geoffrey Monmouth's Prophetiae Merlini and Welsh Prophetic Literature' very soon just to get started on releasing some academic works finally. I wrote and submitted this to Prifysgol Cymru Llanbedr in 2006!

Then I will eventually finish and publish my study on the Battle of Llongborth someday, it hinges and is dependent on the famous 'Arthurian' victory of the Battle of Badon Hill or Gwaith Caer Faddon. This is, as yet, incomplete and only notes and barely started.

My reasoning is, since I should be starting on my PhD in Celtic Studies soon, and wishing to jump back into Higher Education soon in the form of teaching, ideally, I want to throw in many serious academic works into my long lists of publications and bibliography too. It might be a little droll compared to my usual fare here, but it is still fun stuff!

UPDATE: I have already sent off a proposal to Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru (University of Wales Press) to see if this will be feasible. I believe it will be since I am a graduate of one of their universities and this is a dissertation they had to review and mark (pass). So now I wait....

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