Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Codex Nordica is NOW alive on Kickstarter! Cast your oars and bids all...

Award winning, I have come from last year's Codex Celtarum to the next book in the series, the Codex Nordica, with vigor and the fury of the Northmen running in my veins. This book has perfected the design and layout and design I used in my first book and took it to a newer finer tuned level while revealing a new gamut of Nordic materials from history and mythology that would make any campaign explode with the unmistakable Scandinavian style and culture. 

On Kickstarter this book is now active with many stretch goals, each packed with really exciting goods and appropriate for the theme. Follow the link and take part and be there until the end in 32 days' time when it ends, we have grand surprises if all of the stretch goals are met by the end. If you have always wanted a Viking campaign that takes place in the Nine Worlds of myth and legend, and be able to play many unique character classes straight from Nordic culture and myth, this is your chance! 

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