Sunday, September 1, 2013

A LOT of Writing Has Been Going On

It has been over a month, or two, since I last posted here but in this case it is a good thing. I have been busy writing like a madman, and not just gaming materials but novels and related literature. As you know my newest adventure module 'To Kill a King' is now out and has had five star reviews instantly as a PDF before it was ever printed and sold at GenCon last month! The adventure was inspired by my favorite, albeit short-lived 'Castle' Rock band 'Rainbow', and I do have another inspired one from a song due out in a few months as well. Next and related, my next adventure module, 'Goblin Night' is in the early stages of being put together and focuses on the early original Celtic Halloween, thus its name taken from the Welsh 'Coblynos'. The story occurs near the villages of Hadrian's Wall beside the ghost-haunted woods of Coed Celyddon and involves, the Wild Hunt, druidic ceremonies, a mystery and terrible things to come if everything is not figured out before the third and final night of Halloween (the early original Celtic celebrations would last for three nights, 'Trinox Samonios' in Gaulish and 'Tair Nos Coblynos' in Welsh). In the history of gaming, this is the first time an adventure module has been written for, and about the holiday! I suspect it will get high ratings as well considering...

The Codex Nordicarum, which is the second codex in the series focuses on the Nordic myths and peoples is in early production and editing right now and should be ready for a mega-Kickstarter in October. It takes the ideas, layout and innovative things I did in the Celtic book to new places and now places those many myths and associated elements into gaming contexts for all alike to add to their games. It will kick gamer butt and prepare everyone for the next and related Codex Germanorum that should be ready by the end of the year. Following that will be the Codex Slavorum, Codex Classicarum and many more that places beloved myths, and the most obscure goodies from them into the hands of players and CKs. At the present the Slavic codex is halfway completed, and will be ready by October to be moved into place for the set of the Codices. I am also writing on the tenth adventure module, The Torc of Serpents, a very unique challenging story that takes place in Celtic London, when the Celts took over after Rome left. It will give many new opportunities to explore and to slay dragons...yes monstrous ones taken straight from Celtic myth.

In addition to all of this, I am about to complete book four in my Silent War Steampunk Horror series soon called Atlantica and finish the first part of it all, but before I do so I am writing a new Celtic adventure series based on my adventure modules, putting them into literature. The first book, The Sullen Queen, it taken from my prequel module A Sylvan Gambit, and is quickly growing into an amazing piece of literature. These books follow the main character, Rhun ap Maelgwn, on his early adventures straight up to his appearance in real history in succession of his famous (and real) kingly father Maelgwn of Gwynedd, one of the few actually documented 'Pendragons' in Celtic history. I cannot even begin to describe how incredible this story is becoming as I write it, as I have found another niche of mine that I am well-suited to writing (since it is my expertise!).

I am also outlining, halfway done, my next Weird West novel about Cage O'Brien called Cold Blooded, and will be a story far removed from the first, Bring Me the Head of the Preacher Man. It again honors Lovecraft and Howard, even more so than the first and takes place almost eight years later in 1901. It will not only be a gripping story of action, horror and adventure but a commentary on one subject I detest - politics. This will be a mind-twist of a tale and cause plenty of paranoia along the way, so be prepared. Soon I will start on it, likely around the holidays. Being released this month from my publisher Damnation Books are two of my works, The Axis of Shadows and Black Coach, High Midnight at the same time, one a novel and the other a novella. The first is the third installment in my Steampunk series and the other another tale in the life of my Mountain Man Monster Hunter Jed Isaacs. 

As I have more updates I will post them here for you, be sure to leave comments and your feelings on things for me as I take them all seriously! 

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